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Hello. We are looking for home-based 1:1 ESL online class tutors from US, UK, Canada, Ireland


- At least a year of online/offline ESL teaching experience

- In-depth knowledge about teaching English speaking

- Excellent communication skills

- A positive and kind attitude

- Bachelor's degree

- ESL Teaching Certification

- Stable tutoring environment (Internet connection, quiet place, equipment, etc.)

- Able to work at least 15 hours/week


- Using the materials in the platform, the tutor will teach a 1:1 audio/video call English speaking class (20 or 40 minutes per class) in an online classroom.

- Encourage the student to speak in English about 70% of the class, and correct whatever the student said to a better, more natural-sounding English.

Way to take Lessons:

1) On-Air (real-time): If the tutors set their status as 'On-Air' students can request real-time classes. The tutor can accept the request to start the class.

2) Booking system: The tutors can open their available time slots for the students to book, in Class Schedules. Once the student and the tutor enter the classroom at the booked time, the class begins.

Application Process:

Step 1. Job Application

We comprehensively review the candidate's qualifications, and individually notify candidates who have passed the screening process of the next step.

Step 2. Equipment Test

Before the mock class, we check whether the candidate's computer is suitable for the tutoring service.

Step 3. Mock Class

We evaluate the candidate's teaching skills through a mock class with a foreign student. The result of the mock class is usually notified the next day. A successful candidate will be registered to the TuTalk platform.

* Once a candidate passes all of the above steps, the candidate will become a TuTalk tutor.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to add us on WeChat or send an email to

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